My Story

Just Jeanuis is an artist/producer from Columbus, Ohio with a unique take on hip hop music. He infuses old school rifts and runs with a hint of new school sound sprinkled with an awareness of life occurrences that you will most definitely be able to hear in every track. 

His first album Perfect World Imperfect Me (2012) is a pensive look at everything that he has experienced in his life from childhood to adulthood. He has since completed four projects; Beats, Rhymes, N’ Soul Music, All Dreams Fade, Thoughts Of A Jeanuis, and Nothing Special: The Beat Tape. Each project blends instrumentals along with some full songs. 

His desire is to work with and help cultivate fellow musicians. He is currently working on a project that will bring together various artists from different genres. The goal is to produce an album that will allow people to simply hear and appreciate great music; regardless of the genre.